Bifurcations and monodromy of the axially symmetric 1:1:-2 resonance

K. Efstathiou, H. Hanßmann, A. Marchesiello

Journal of Geometry and Physics, 146, 103493 (2019)
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We consider integrable Hamiltonian systems in three degrees of freedom near an elliptic equilibrium in 1:1:-2 resonance. The integrability originates from averaging along the periodic motion of the quadratic part and an imposed rotational symmetry about the vertical axis. Introducing a detuning parameter we find a rich bifurcation diagram, containing three parabolas of Hamiltonian Hopf bifurcations that join at the origin. We describe the monodromy of the resulting ramified 3-torus bundle as variation of the detuning parameter lets the system pass through 1:1:-2 resonance.